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Order Your 2019 Wizbe Album Titled "You're Swell" 16 songs.

Here's the "You're Swell Video from the album. You can hear the whole album. You're support is appreciated. A lot. Thank you. Go here to see the liner notes and lyrics (also included with the CD). 


2018 was a banner year for Wizbe. With more playing and more experience. We crashed a few parties and had lots of fun. The newest album is now available!

 For those who like listening online, we are available on spotify:

The songs from 2017 show a transition from previous years. The overall quality increased as I became more determined to raise the bar a bit recording-wise and playing-wise. So listen to Wizbe Songs from last year, Cows Growing Ambient Flypower. Some fun songs that I put together. All original music.
2017 can be compared to 2016, Trials of Amazement. Wizbe's 2016 Album initially had 18 songs but was paired down. Some of the songs not on this album will likely come back in future years as I redo them and improve upon them.

Wizbe Songs are available through:

New Single Wizbe Music Release January 29

The newest single "Better with You" is being released January 29th on Spotify. Follow Wizbe on Spotify to be the first to here the...