Playing Music with a fun group in Stonington Maine

The Garage isn't even in sight. Stonington Maine playing a few songs live in front of an awesome group. 

While we were in Stonington, I wrote the lyrics of a song. I didn't play it and I doubt I will record it, but it was called Stonington Fog Horn From Hell. Every 15 seconds, day and night, any weather, Stonington has a fog horn blasting. I guess that's a good way for the locals to keep the tourists from coming back. No one in town seemed to mind it.

Playing original songs creates an interesting dynamic. If it's a cover song, people already know the words and tune, so they just go along with it. Original music needs to catch 'em and be interesting enough for them to want to hear again. So new, but not too new. Much more fun to make original music for me. 

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