Coffee Shop is the Place to Be

First time singing this in public was fun. I had quite a few smiles and a few people singing along with the chorus...but wait for it, this song's message builds :) I also had fun filming this and drinking coffee and chilling out around the nearby towns.

Coffee shop is the place to be When you don’t want to be seen Sit at a table and get my work done Now that I am on the run On the Run, On the Run, Now that I am on the run On the Run, On the Run, Now that I am on the run I can’t go home right now, No reason to anyhow I didn’t rob a bank or a store, I just don’t want to be found anymore My wife wants me to do some work. I didn’t do it, now I’m the jerk. Nothing to do with me. It’s that time of month you see. I love my coffee with nothing in it. The least complicated that I can get. She’s such a nice person most of the time She just needs her space, and that’s just fine It’ll start with a whine and build into a fight I’ve got to run and get out of sight Drink my coffee and just relax Since I ain’t ever going to have to any sex.


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