A Few New Songs from Songwriting Class

The idea was to write songs and work with people smarter than me to make better songs and to push my music boundaries a little bit. Maybe go to a different level with my own ideas. Not sure if I was succesful, but I had fun. These songs below were written during the time I took a songwriting class with a super talented singer/songwriter Martin Swinger.

Seeing others write music was quite an eye opener to different techniques and styles. Seeing how others process ideas was very revealing to me: from making lists of titles, 10 minute anything goes writing, metaphor uses, adding color and styles.

The first song I played in class was a previous version of "No More Waiting". Originally it was a generic song about doing what you gotta do, but as the class went on the words became more about the rock opera that's coming:) You just wait.

For some reason another song came into my head the next week. I didn't sing this one in class, but I like how it flows. Anything that sounds autobiographical is completely coincidence. I don't run away, much.

And the song that I spent the most time developing was the song, My Favorite Memory. The words, melody, and song style went through multiple versions. I kept trying to increase the story with more details without forgetting that the idea is that I'm happy the person is a memory and not still a significant other in my life, or the imaginary life in the story. I tried, I really tried, to make it a slow song, it just wasn't meant to be.

My song writing for class actually started a week before the class. With the thought process going something like this.."hmm, if I have to play a song for everyone, what would I feel comfortable playing that I could remember...I could play some of my older songs, but the point is to write new stuff...what should it be? Maybe something a little fun just to so I can break the ice some..." I never ended up singing this song in the class, but I like the simplicity that I could use to ad-lib over next time I sing it.

There's another song from the very end of the class, but you'll have to wait to hear it. So come back soon to see what's happening. Thanks Everyone!

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