New Single Wizbe Music Release January 29

The newest single "Better with You" is being released January 29th on Spotify. Follow Wizbe on Spotify to be the first to here the song about you.

Newest Video Release "Waiting" by Wizbe

Something about this might ring true. I don't know, it might.

The entire album will be released on Spotify in 2 days. Listen up!

2019 Wizbe Album "You're Swell" Going up on Spotify November 28.

The online streaming service release of this years album, "You're Swell" is scheduled for November 28. Add us to your favorites Artists list and be ready to listen. Of course, the album is already available in CD form. You can get your copy now.

Playing Music with a fun group in Stonington Maine

The Garage isn't even in sight. Stonington Maine playing a few songs live in front of an awesome group. 

While we were in Stonington, I wrote the lyrics of a song. I didn't play it and I doubt I will record it, but it was called Stonington Fog Horn From Hell. Every 15 seconds, day and night, any weather, Stonington has a fog horn blasting. I guess that's a good way for the locals to keep the tourists from coming back. No one in town seemed to mind it.

Playing original songs creates an interesting dynamic. If it's a cover song, people already know the words and tune, so they just go along with it. Original music needs to catch 'em and be interesting enough for them to want to hear again. So new, but not too new. Much more fun to make original music for me. 

Fun time in Belfast

I had a chance to play a song with the Leaky Jug Boot Band last weekend. That was a lot of fun. They were very kind to let me jump on their stage and play the song with me.  I'll have the video for it soon. Stay tuned.

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Wizbe Songs on YouTube

That's Her Story

Sneak peak at 2019. This song was adapted from a previous song that I wrote called "You asked Me to Stay". I loved that song, but it just didn't hold with the melody and the more and more I tried to force it, the more I wasn't getting it. It was while talking about how Paul M. used pretend lyrics in songs that I took that idea to see what would come with new lyrics. I like it. She's the queen.

Frosty Bottom Brew

Still working on the video for this song. Hopefully, we;ll have it after a few more get togethers. Dedicated to the FBB crew and the Awesome Guy who manages the FBB and the crew.


NEW ALBUM IS READY! Music in the Mist by Wizbe

Lady's and Gentlemen, The Album is ready. Check it out.

Thank you to all that supported the making of this album and the 15 songs. Can't wait to hear what you think.


Wizbe Music With a New Album of 2018 Songs, Music in the Mist, Starring Eddie Farr

Coming Soon! 15 new songs for 2018 with a big combination of acoustic and electric guitars. And of course, Eddie Farr on vocals. Making new songs is the best part of music, except for maybe playing them and performing them. All is good. Stay tuned for updates as the album takes form.

The image used on the front cover is from a camping trip to Bigelow Mountain in Maine, part of the Appalachian Trail. Unbelievably beautiful.


Acoustic Video: Song is "Pollution is Bad"

Pollution is bad
Stop it as fast as you can
The evidence suggests that the climate is changing
It looks that way to me
But maybe you just don’t believe it because you don’t agree
With all those really smart people or you didn’t look at the data for yourself
So let’s just skip all that sciency stuff and get right to the point

Pollution is bad
Stop it as fast as you can

Blowing up mountain tops for coal
 Doesn’t seem like a good idea to all
Or storing CO2 in the ground
Seems like a plan designed by a clown
Couldn’t we just agree
 With a simple concept that is real

Pollution is bad
Stop it as fast as you can

I don’t if you agree with climate change or not
Sort of beside the point and a distraction from the bigger plot
With over 7 billion people and we only have this single planet earth
So let’s skip all this argumentive crap and get right to the point

Pollution is bad
Stop it as fast as you can


Here's the links to the images used in the video.
Blowing up mountain tops for coal

C02 into ground

Pollution is bad
3rd chorus:

Population of world


Now on Spotify

Hear the Cows Album on Spotify!

Check it out. All the Wizbe Songs from Cows Growing Ambient Flypower.  Listen, enjoy. Share. Laugh, Love.

Coffee Shop is the Place to Be

First time singing this in public was fun. I had quite a few smiles and a few people singing along with the chorus...but wait for it, this song's message builds :) I also had fun filming this and drinking coffee and chilling out around the nearby towns.

Coffee shop is the place to be When you don’t want to be seen Sit at a table and get my work done Now that I am on the run On the Run, On the Run, Now that I am on the run On the Run, On the Run, Now that I am on the run I can’t go home right now, No reason to anyhow I didn’t rob a bank or a store, I just don’t want to be found anymore My wife wants me to do some work. I didn’t do it, now I’m the jerk. Nothing to do with me. It’s that time of month you see. I love my coffee with nothing in it. The least complicated that I can get. She’s such a nice person most of the time She just needs her space, and that’s just fine It’ll start with a whine and build into a fight I’ve got to run and get out of sight Drink my coffee and just relax Since I ain’t ever going to have to any sex.


A Few New Songs from Songwriting Class

The idea was to write songs and work with people smarter than me to make better songs and to push my music boundaries a little bit. Maybe go to a different level with my own ideas. Not sure if I was succesful, but I had fun. These songs below were written during the time I took a songwriting class with a super talented singer/songwriter Martin Swinger.

Seeing others write music was quite an eye opener to different techniques and styles. Seeing how others process ideas was very revealing to me: from making lists of titles, 10 minute anything goes writing, metaphor uses, adding color and styles.

The first song I played in class was a previous version of "No More Waiting". Originally it was a generic song about doing what you gotta do, but as the class went on the words became more about the rock opera that's coming:) You just wait.

For some reason another song came into my head the next week. I didn't sing this one in class, but I like how it flows. Anything that sounds autobiographical is completely coincidence. I don't run away, much.

And the song that I spent the most time developing was the song, My Favorite Memory. The words, melody, and song style went through multiple versions. I kept trying to increase the story with more details without forgetting that the idea is that I'm happy the person is a memory and not still a significant other in my life, or the imaginary life in the story. I tried, I really tried, to make it a slow song, it just wasn't meant to be.

My song writing for class actually started a week before the class. With the thought process going something like this.."hmm, if I have to play a song for everyone, what would I feel comfortable playing that I could remember...I could play some of my older songs, but the point is to write new stuff...what should it be? Maybe something a little fun just to so I can break the ice some..." I never ended up singing this song in the class, but I like the simplicity that I could use to ad-lib over next time I sing it.

There's another song from the very end of the class, but you'll have to wait to hear it. So come back soon to see what's happening. Thanks Everyone!

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Wizbe Song Albums

The songs from 2017 show a transition from previous years. The overall quality increased as I became more determined to raise the bar a bit recording-wise and playing-wise. So listen to Wizbe Songs from last year, Cows Growing Ambient Flypower. Some fun songs that I put together. All original music.
2017 can be compared to 2016, Trials of Amazement. Wizbe's 2016 Album initially had 18 songs but was paired down. Some of the songs not on this album will likely come back in future years as I redo them and improve upon them.


New Single Wizbe Music Release January 29

The newest single "Better with You" is being released January 29th on Spotify. Follow Wizbe on Spotify to be the first to here the...