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Stan Farrell Playing as the One Stan Band

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Who’s Wizbe?

Wizbe is an Americana Folk rock inspired band consisting of the optimism of singer-songwriter Stan Farrell. The music is typically happy, rock flavored acoustic songwriter flair with a twist. The music is made using acoustic guitars, drums, keyboard, and bass; all played by Stan. Wizbe has been recording his music since 1999 and releasing homemade albums yearly. In 2017, Wizbe began releasing his music albums and songs directly through distribution services.

Wizbe has over 120 songs published including four albums. His style is rock, indie rock, and folk. Wizbe is the band name for Stan Farrell who creates in Manchester, Maine. The band was founded in 2000. Starting in 2020, Stan Farrell has also started releasing music under his name, Stan Farrell, as well as continuing with Wizbe. Wizbe Band members: Stan Farrell: Drums, Bass Guitar, Vocals, Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar, Keyboard, and other various instruments.

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So to hear Wizbe, where should you start? Ideally start with their Wizbe Songs Playlist (link below). This list is updated with Wizbe’s new songs as they are released. For specific songs, let’s look at 3 that have a definitive Wizbe feel.Start with “Space Bandit” Stan Farrell of Wizbe says of this song Space Bandit, “I like the fun of the 3rd verse as I try to answer why we all really want to go to space. It’s not for scientific discovery or going where no one has gone before. The song tells real reasons” When asked about where the song idea came from, Stan states “This song evolved from lyrics written over 10 years ago. Sometimes a song just sits in your mind for a long time before percolating back to the surface.” 
Follow up that song with “Conversation Killer” by Wizbe. This is a more driving, rock song that may get you thinking or at least rocking. As Stan says “this song has some autobiographical parts to it. Some people are just difficult to converse with.”
A third song that captures a little piece of the diverse Wizbe World is “Going to the Grocery Store”. This is a relatable song with a fun twist. We all go to the grocery store, and it’s never fun. The song has the straightforward in-your-face lyrics with a simple melody that has a defining sound of Wizbe. 

Wizbe songs are available on most audio streaming services including Spotify, Apple, YouTube, Tidal, and Deezer.

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What Does the Wizbe Name Mean?

Stan says Wizbe is from a story I wrote in 4th grade about Wizbe the Worm. He was a scientist and inventor.  I’ve started and owned Wizbe Cafe, Wizbe Innovations, Wizbe Industries, and Wizbe Songs. I don’t have a daughter named Wizbe, and my dog’s name is not Wizbe either.

Who inspired you to make music?Over the years, inspiration has come from lots of different places. My brother and I played music together quite a bit over the years. I try to make his heavy metal but mine just comes out like a wasp in a hail storm. I had a great roommate in school, Mark, that inspired me to pick up the guitar. There’s also inspiring music from everyone around me. Lately, it’s been a group of guys getting together and talking music and music making.

Who Are Your Biggest Influences?

My biggest influences depend on the day. The great thing about music is that every song is relatively short so each song can have a different influence. So I can make one song under the influence of the Beatles and my next song influenced by the Violent Femmes. I can be Tom Petty for 3 minutes and then Barry Manilow. Even within songs, I may mash a Johnny Cash with a Bob Dylan or steal a chord progression from the Grateful Dead and sing Aerosmith on top of that. It’s really fluid. And it all comes down to being open and listening to as much music as possible.

Who Do You Sound Like?

I’ve been told that when I’m live it’s a lot like the Ramones or the Violent Femmes, maybe talking heads, but I think what they are saying is that I can have a chunky first beat that I like. I used to try to move towards these certain types of music, but I could never get there. Once I spent a lot of time trying to make a cover of Tom Petty’s Free Falling. I sounded like a really bad version of Tom Petty. I couldn’t pull it off, so it was a good moment for me to see that I make a better me than I do a Tom Petty or Barry Manilow. If I could sing better, I’d go more towards Queen music. If I could do better metaphors I’d move towards Bob Dylan. So I’m me. Isn’t that what we all want to be?

Stan of Wizbe with an acoustic performance

Stan Farrell has made appearances at many venues. Here’s Stan at Frosty Bottom Brewery’s annual pig roast opening up for Electric Bonfire. Photo by John of Electric Bonfire.

Live at Frosty Bottom Brewery

Music Magic. It starts with a note. This is Stan of Wizbe.

Stan Farrell playing at Wayne Country Store with Julie

The Music

Stan Farrell makes music with several bands including Wizbe, Stan Farrell, One Stan Band, and Hmm. Would you like to keep up to date with what Stan is making for music? Sign up for his newsletter below or follow on Instagram.

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